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Pre-employment polygraph testing

Intended primarily for use by the police force and employers, pre-employment polygraph test (lie detector tests) assess the level of honesty, integrity and sincerity of a potential candidate.

Judiciary polygraph testing

Intended primarily for insurance companies, internal investigations departments, private investigators, lawyers and police, the judiciary polygraph test helps determine the sincerity of a person facing a criminal or civil litigation.

Private polygraph testing

Any test regarding a dispute of a private or domestic nature (family). Eg infidelity. Theft by a family member or collusion between family members.

Men having a polygraph test
Men ready for a polygraph (lie detector) test


Investigation Services

General investigation of any act of a criminal nature (eg theft by employees.) or private dispute (Eg infidelity theft by a family member.). Investigative Interview - Structured Interview with the suspect to elucidate the litigation. Any types of crime in the private and / or civil sector. Ex: Internal theft - Three employees of a business are suspected of stealing the deposits. The investigation will allow targeting of the right suspect.

Cognitive interview

A structured interview that caters to witnesses, victims, complainants and suspects. the cognitive interview will help obtain a greater amount of relevant information, as part of an investigation. The cognitive interview is often useful in criminal or civil proceedings. Eg. A lawyer's office trying to get the most information possible with regard to a testimony, to clarify an event.

Interview under hypnosis

Talking to witnesses, victims and complainants in connection with an investigation in a criminal or civil investigation This service aims to facilitate the recall of memory through the use of hypnosis techniques proven, in a favorable context, to improve the quantity and quality of information related to an event. The Interview under hypnosis is also called upon for private interviews, to settle personal matters of a highly sensitive nature. Ex. : Parents cherchent à valider les dires de leur enfant qui allègue avoir été enlevé ou agressé après une absence non autorisée ou plus longue que prévu.

Guidance Interview

This type of interview is used to determine the veracity of testimony on any specific event. Eg. Parents looking to validate the words of their child who claims he/she was abducted or assaulted after an unauthorised or longer than expected absence.


This analysis is used to confirm or invalidate in part or in whole the authenticity of the facts reported by a complainant or a victim. Eg. Insurance claims for a car theft. Is the insured involved or not?